After we asses your ticket (i.e. fit with your current subscription), your ticket goes into the queue.

Under "Request Status", you can have 2 types of request:

1) Regular Queue

By default, every accepted submitted ticket is put under regular queue, following the FIFO (first-in-first-out) principle.

2) Priority Queue

In case you submit multiple tickets at a time, you could stipulate the priority of tickets by classifying the tickets in the Priority Queue.

GreenPixel designers tackle priority queue tickets first. Therefore, in case of any urgent request, our designers will shift focus from other ticket to the selected one.

How do you select priority queue?

You can stipulate the ticket as a priority in our input form, under "Ready to Submit" tab, or you can mention it in the discussion panel.

What happens with the tickets:

Tickets currently in progress are stippler under the status : In Progress. There is only one ticket under such category all the time, stipulating the ticket our designers currently work on (i.e. in case of Agency plan, you can have multiple requests in progress at the same time). When the designs/revisions are ready, your ticket will receive the status "Pending Response"

Each change of request is followed by a notification. You can disable the notifications on the platform.

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